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1911 Pistolsmithing Classes

Because class size is limited to a minimum of three and maximum of six participants, you will have my personal attention and instruction during the course. I can provide special classes for military, governmental agencies, and police departments on request.

My goal is to provide you with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the procedures to build and maintain the Browning designed pistol. I’m sure your completed pistol will give you years of service as well as the satisfaction that YOU assembled one of the finest handguns ever designed.

2020 Pistolsmithing Classes

Available Dates:

  • April 20-24
  • July 27-31
  • October 12-16


  • $4150.00

Tuition Includes:

  • Quality Forged 1911 Frame/Slide
  • Kart Match Barrel
  • Heinie or Novak Fixed front and rear sights
  • High Sweep Grip Safety
  • Tool Steel Hammer, Sear, Disconnector, and Trigger
  • Custom Thumb Safety
  • Mainspring Housing
  • All small parts/pins
  • Matte Bluing
  • Personal Instruction (see details below)

Personal Instruction:

You will learn my methods of the following:

  • Bench work
  • Using Precision Measuring Tools / Instruments -Files / Filing
  • Using special tools, fixtures, and jigs for the 1911
  • Frame and slide fitting
  • Precision Barrel Fitting
  • Custom Sight Installation
  • Trigger work -Checkering and Texturing Fundamentals
  • Teflon Coating / Bluing Application
  • Malfunction Diagnostics
  • Range Testing

Additional Information:

Before participating in this course you should familiarize yourself with the operation of the John Browning designed pistol. There are some excellent publications and videos available, some through the NRA. Another good reference book, “The Colt .45 Automatic” by Jerry Kuhnausen contains a great deal of information. You may also find Hallock’s .45 Auto Handbook to be of some use.

Although your tuition includes the use of my shop bench tools, fixtures, jigs, and precision measuring instruments, you are encouraged to bring any personal tools and micrometers.

To hold your course reservation, a deposit of $1000.00 is required with the balance due at commencement of the course. There is special pricing for class attendance and observation only.

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  • American Pistolsmith Guild Member in good standing
  • 2004 Pistolsmith of the Year
  • APG Board of Directors
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